Services at Pini

In addition to being a hardware store, we offer a number of services to our customers to make your experience here easier! We offer knife and garden tool sharpening, keymaking, propane exchange, re-screening, recycling, pipe cutting, chip keys, color matching, assembly and delivery, lock servicing, gift cards, and special orders.

Knife and Garden Tool Sharpening

Are your tools or knives dull and in need of sharpening? Visit us to sharpen your knives, scissors, mower blades, hedge shears, etc!

Sharpening Events at Pini by Golden State Sharpening

Golden State Sharpening is here every other Friday; please call Pini Hardware for the current event date (415-892-1577). You’ll need to drop your items off at least one day prior (Thursday at the latest); expect them to be ready the day after (Saturday).

Sharpening Price List

  • All Knives (yes, including serrated): $8.00 each
  • Scissors (fabric, food, household): $10.00 each
  • One-handed Garden Tools (manual): $12.00 each
  • Two-handed Garden Tools (manual): $15.00 each
  • Chisels, Axes, Planer Blades: $7.00 each
  • Paper Cutters: $20.00 each
  • Food Processor/Mandolin Blades: $15.00 each

Include up to $10.00 charge for major repairs.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Paint Color Matching

Looking for a hard-to-find color or match an existing color in your home? Bring us an example and a Pini technician will create a custom paint to match!

Home, Auto and Vehicle Chip Key Cutting

We can cut and program automotive chip keys and program key fobs.

Lock Servicing

Do you have a lock that needs rekeying? Do you have too many keys to get into your house? We can help.

Cut Chain, Tubing and Electrical by the Foot

We measure and cut rope, chain, tubing, plexi glass, fencing, chickenwire and cable & cut and thread black and galvanized pipe.

Propane Exchange

It’s fast! It’s convenient! Just bring us your empty propane tank and we will exchange it for a full one.

Grill Assembly and Delivery

Avoid the extra costs and wasted time; let Pini serve you with assembly and free Novato delivery!

Recycling: Batteries and Fluorescent & CFL Bulbs

Bring in your used household batteries and unbroken fluorescent & CFL bulbs and we’ll take care of the recycling.


We’re one of the only hardware stores that will re-screen your window or door.

Key Making/Key Cutting

Pini offers standard key duplication services, with a variety of colors, sizes and styles.

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