About Pini

brochure-wide-1005Henry Pini (shown left), immigrated from Switzerland in 1906. He founded his first store on East Grant Avenue in the Verissimo Building between Reichert and Sherman Avenues in 1918. It was a small grocery, where Henry sold produce that he and his wife Mary raised on their land. He also stocked his store with dry goods.

In 1923, Pini moved further down the street on East Grant at the Sherman intersection. The variety of items sold expanded to include hay, grain, feed, coal, clothes, hardware, groceries and fresh meat, chickens and eggs.

In 1929, Pini acquired the land where the Novato Theater now stands on Grant between Machin and Redwood and constructed a modern store. The old Community House was used as a warehouse for larger items. Pini became one of the largest employers in the city of Novato.

In 1942, Henry Pini died and his widow, Mary, sold the business and rights to use the Pini name to Douglas Phillips, Baxter Hovis and Clarence Nelson. In 1944 a huge fire destroyed the store.

The store was resurrected in 1945 at 1107 Grant. The building donned the famous neon hammer sign.

In 1968 Ben and Ellarene Young, and Tiernan and Florence Saunders purchased the store. Pini joined Ace in 1970. Then, in 1983, Charles Young and Steve Saunders purchased the store from their parents.

In January, 2004, Pini moved into its current location, 1535 South Novato Blvd Ste A in the Nave Shopping Center, a much larger space. Not only does the increased square footage allow more merchandise, it also allows for greater customer service overall.

In 2015, Steve Saunders sold his share of the business and Charles Young became the owner with his sons Tom, Russell and David Young.

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